“I’ve been here like 13 times because I’m white and I’m rich.” – Little girl at Disney World.

My friend went to Disney World to get away.  This place is supposed to be magical and dreamy.  Free of everything.  As she’s walking through the park, she hears a little girl say this.  My first thought would be to pop her in the mouth.  I was never taught color as a child but if I repeated what I heard.  I would get the back hand to the mouth real quick.  My first question is who is teaching these kids that being white is superior or better? Is it because they have money or is it because this is what they’re taught?  This makes me question others parenting style because I’m sure this little girl’s mother or father was close to her when she said this.  Why does the color of your skin determine or explain who, what, and how you are?  I’m sure we have all heard every race say something out of the ordinary.  I think it begins at home.  I feel like if this little girl is saying this then she heard someone else say it or she really believes that to be true.  Her parents not correcting her is ignorant.  Yes, I said ignorant.  Most people don’t think white people are ignorant.  But they are more ignorant than black people to be brutally honest.  If you are unsure of the meaning of this word.  I suggest you google it.  To even think you’re better than the next person because of your skin color, disgusts me.  We all eat, sleep, and shit.  We all breathe the same air.  We are all human.  So, what if you have lighter skin than I do.  Or if your eyes are lighter, it doesn’t make you better.  It makes you different.  I’m not bashing or blaming the child in this.  I am blaming the parents.  I feel like some topics people tiptoe around because people are afraid to speak up about certain things.  People are going to have something to say regardless of what you say or do. 

Photo Cred E.R.

(Michael Jackson – “Black or White”)

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