She Saved Me…

Being in a relationship can take a lot out of a person.  It can feel like a second or third job.  Being in a toxic relationship can be mentally challenging.  Until you set yourself free from the bullshit.  You realize there is a lot more to life.  After leaving this relationship I was in a very dark place.  Developing anxiety and having panic attacks. Where I come from, we don’t go to therapy.  I don’t talk about my feelings.  I was drinking everyday to cope with the pain.  From the cheating to getting my tires slashed by a bitter woman.  I feel like it sucked the life out of me.  I felt like I was settling.  I felt alone and didn’t have anyone.  When you lose trust in someone, why would you continue to discuss things with them?  Why would you tell them how you feel if they have continuously betrayed your trust? That’s another story…  Except this one person who showed me the light.  She showed me how to love again.  She showed me how to smile again.  She showed me how to dance again.   Showed me happiness.  Showed me the positive of this situation. Showed me being healthy is a better option.  Even though I felt alone, I had her.  She showed me the light at the end of this long dark tunnel, I thought I would never see the end.  This person doesn’t know what she has done for me.  She may not know for a long time until she is able to fully understand.  This person is my daughter.  Its j(US)t.  Her now being two years old it has been a wild ride but I have managed to keep us healthy and happy.  I thank GOD everyday that he brought her into my life.  GOD has the most perfect timing. 

(Teyana Taylor – “Never Would Have Made It”)

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