Why do good girls like bad guys?

I think it may be because some girls want a bad boy.  A guy with swag, street smarts, shoot guns, sells drugs and are from the hood.  But, some of the “hood dudes” aren’t really from the hood.  They came from a good family and are extremely smart.  But to fit in they act like they’re from the hood or grew up in the hood because of their friends.  Or maybe some girls don’t know their worth.  They think they can’t be with anyone one else, so they settle.  Even though they think they can’t do better.  So. it becomes a pattern of men with the same traits, personality and characteristics.  Some of these guys will fill your ear with lies about the things that they have done and will do to keep you.  Just to get what they want.  I’m not saying guys from the hood aren’t good dudes.  But all boys lie to get what they want.  Some women are hip to the games.  Some feed into it and will fight for this dude that doesn’t really give a fuck about them.  He just likes that he has girls fighting over him.  If he gets what he wants he doesn’t care.  Who wants to fight over someone that “loves” them?  Love is kind, gentle, patient, considerate, happy…If he loves, you he wouldn’t have you out here fighting over him.  He would stand up for you.  He would stop the fight from happening before it even starts.  Some girls don’t know any better.  I’m here to tell you.  If you knew better, you do better.  A real man will hold you at the top of his throne with him.  A boy that lies about stupid little things like where he went for 2 hours when he smells like a bitch.  Is not worth your time.  But life is about taking chances.  It’s about learning things and seeing things for yourself.  Maybe you need that bad boy to show you what you don’t want and need.  Maybe you need a bitter girl mad at you because he’s with you to show you how much better you deserve  To show you how much more you deserve from a man when he doesn’t do anything about these bitter girls trying to fight you when you’re pregnant with his child.  I use the terms girl, boy, dude, guys in different ways because woman don’t act like fools.  Woman act accordingly as do men.  Age doesn’t matter, if you’re in your late 20s and up and you’re mad about some girl taking your boyfriend or girlfriend or having sex with them.  They were never yours to begin with sweetie.  A man will never let anyone get in the way of who he wants to be with.  A man doesn’t let you take on any load ALONE.  A man doesn’t do things for you then throws it in your face when you have an argument.  Children do things like that.  Ever watch a child have a tantrum, watch what they do.  They throw things and scream and yell.  Guys do that too, just pay attention.  Taking responsibility makes you a man a woman would want to be around. 

(DMX – “Good Girls, Bad Guys”)

(Keyshia Cole – “You”)

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