What is LOVE?

I think love is supposed to be kind, gentle, passionate, trust, understanding, happy, dreamy and caring among other things.  Thinking about love and seeing other people in love like my friends and in the movies.  I don’t think I was ever in love.   I can’t even say I have love for some people to be brutally honest.  I don’t think love is supposed to hurt, deceive or cheat you.   I understand love is hard and you must constantly work together.  But how is it love if you’re doing all the work, alone.  I think I may have just been in strong like in my past relationships.  Love is a strong word.  I don’t think if you love someone you will go and be with multiple people while you’re with that other person. Or you’ll go spread rumors about this person or take down about them.  I understand that all women don’t have all the traits a man wants.  That’s why we compromise.  Trust me, you men don’t have everything we want in a man.  Let’s be real.  Some men lack in a lot of areas in a relationship.  Some aren’t passionate, gentle or kind.  But some women deal with that and compromise.  Why can’t men compromise without cheating!?  Yes, I get you’re not cheating right now so is that supposed to fix everything and make it okay that you did it in the first place?  When a man cheats on a woman, woman usually will forgive the man and move on.  But if a woman cheats on a man they will not shut up about it and can’t move on.  It’s okay for a man to do it so why can’t women?  Women can cheat and not feel any type of emotions for that person.  I think men think they have lost their woman if she cheats.  How do you think a woman feels?  Women are just better at hiding things.  I noticed in my past relationships people usually only think of themselves.  That’s why I’m single and I’m happy as FUCK!  If they ever did think of you that one time you won’t hear the end of it.  There was a situation where I wanted to get a new iPad.  There was a deal with the phone company, and I could finance it.  Why this fool put $40 dollars down on the iPad then swore it was his when he tried to walk out of my house with it.  Had a physical fight over an iPad that he did not buy.  My point is why can’t you do things for someone out of the kindness of your heart.  I don’t need anyone to buy anything for me. I have my own money.  I don’t think love is doing something for someone then throwing it back in their face.  Okay, you did that, and? You want a cookie?  I think people should treat love like it’s a something they don’t want to live without.  Me feeling like I never was in love makes me feel like I’m missing out in a way.  To share things with someone and grow together.  That’s what everyone wants, right?  A companion that will ride or die for you and won’t let you give up on them.  Someone who will work it out with you through the blood, sweat, tears, and pains through life together.


(Mary J. Blige – “Love Is All We Need”)

(Queen Naija – “Medicine”)

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