I was watching my ratchet tv as usual on a Monday. As I am watching Love & Hip-Hop, I hear Spice say she wanted to change her complexion to have lighter skin. She seems to think black people with lighter skin are privileged. Changing the color of your skin will not change the fact that you are BLACK. Having lighter skin does not make you privileged when you’re black. You’re still black. Lighter skin means the blood was just mixed more with different bloods. It’s genetics. You think a racist white woman will not be racist towards a light skinned black person? Black is black. Just like white is white. Yellow is yellow. Purple is purple. Red is red. Black is beautiful no matter the complexion. Why do people think being white makes them superior and privileged? Is it because white people owned slaves? Slavery is over people! (Juneteenth) Is it because they have money? We all breathe the same air and want respect, right? Personally, I take no shit from anyone. You will respect me and you will not talk to me any way you think you can. I will correct you. Yes, lighter skin people tend to be more conceited and arrogant. But that’s because that’s how people perceive them. Some of them may be that way. But, they’re not privileged. That’s what they were told growing up. “Look at your pretty light skin.” I’ve heard so many different things about having light skin and dark skin growing up. It can ruin people’s self esteem. Thinking they aren’t good enough because their skin is too dark or too light. If you’re too light, you’re not black enough. So the brown skin girls don’t like you. (Jealousy) Or if your skin is too dark you’re too black. (Ugly as homemade soap) It’s a shame how people pick on other people because of their skin color or their beliefs. That’s their business. Why do you care so much about how someone else looks or what they believe in? Why does it bother you that much to fill your soul with all that hate? Did your mother teach you to hate people and pick on people? I’m sure she did not. When I was a kid, I was not taught color. I didn’t know what color really was until I was in high school. Not saying I was blind to the fact that I am a black woman. But I was taught to treat people equally and to defend myself when need be. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that, I am black. Most people think I’m Puerto Rican, Dominican, Haitian, Trinidadian, Jamaican. Everything else but black because I have long hair and I have light skin. But I’m still black. Black ethnicity doesn’t come in just one shade or tone. Puerto Ricans have different complexions too. Some have light skin with light eyes, and some have darker skin with darker eyes. There’s a thing where white people think black people want to be like them because they straighten their hair or they change the way they speak. Is a crime to want to pronounce words properly? Is it a crime to want to be able to get a comb through the tight coarse curls? If we wear our hair curly or natural, we’re too black. Or you want to touch it to feel the texture. What’s that about? One unwritten rule is you never touch a black woman’s hair. Why are you in my personal bubble anyway? But do you hear us black people talking about how white people want to be like us and act like us. OKAY. Black culture is LIT. As FUCK. I get it. I would want to be like us too. But you don’t see us complaining when we see white people walking down the streets with Jordan’s laced up so tight it makes them look bad and ruin it for us. I feel like black people have so much to complain about but you normally I don’t see us complaining. I normally see black people uplifting others and wanting to make a change. For example, the murder of Nipsey Hussle has gone viral for weeks now. He wasn’t just a rapper. He was a father and he was active in his community among other things. #BlackPositivity. On the other hand, a white woman calling the cops because a young black man was staring at her or was selling candy for a school fundraiser but didn’t have a permit. Don’t even get me started on president dumb ass/bias/ignorant asshole. But the world isn’t just black and white. Hispanic people come in all different shades and tones just like black people. Some people from South Asia countries are darker than black people. What about the Muslims that wear a hijab or a turban. It’s not because they’re terrorists or going to kill you. It’s a religion. It’s something they believe in and practice, it’s a choice. I don’t know much about a lot of things. You know, there is this search engine, called google. I think people should use it more verses judging people and talking out of their ass. This brings me back to the beginning. Changing the color of your skin will not make people treat you differently. It’s dangerous and may cause cancer. No matter what you change your complexion to, you are who you are. I think we should love the skin we are in. We are made who and how we are for a reason. Embrace it! Voice it! Be it! Love yourself.

If you haven’t noticed in my previous blog posts. I am blunt. If you don’t like it. Don’t read my blog, I may hurt your feelings or upset you. I just feel like people don’t ask questions. They just judge by appearance and assume. When you ASSume you make an ASS out of yourself. Educate yourself. Don’t be an ASS. ♥️🖤

(Kendrick Lamar – “Complexion (A Zulu Love)”)

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