The B Word

The word Bitch means female dog or expressing displeasure.  I used to not use the B word for a while because I was seeing it used in a derogatory way.  Especially when a guy doesn’t get what they want.  I have been called a bitch when I didn’t want to give a guy my number after the club one night.  It made me angry.  For you to call me that you must be BIG mad.  It’s not that serious to me if I don’t give you what you want if that’s not what I want.  I feel when guys call a woman a bitch.  It’s a reflection of their character.  How they view woman and what they think of woman.  Some guys are also used to getting what they want.  So, when they don’t, they throw a fit like a toddler.  The word bitch can also be used as a term of endearment.  I usually drag out the word for more enthusiasm.  For example, “Biiiiiiiiitch, guess what?”  I think guys can act and be a little bitch too. When a guy doesn’t take care of their responsibilities and blames everyone else. You’re a little bitch. Just because you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing doesnt mean it’s someone else’s fault. Be a man! Own up to your shit! Guys that call woman bitches are little bitches.  Who do you think you are to even fix your mouth to call a woman that?  Did your mother teach you to speak with that filthy mouth?  I bet she would pop you in your mouth if she heard you speak that way. If a guy catches an attitude when you ask him a simple ass question.  He’s a little bitch.  I don’t understand guys sometimes.  Women create life.  Women are the reason men breathe. Our bodies are taken over by another human being stretching our insides for months.  We push you ungrateful assholes out of our vaginas and you have the audacity to act like a little bitch and think you can speak to us any way you want to.   I do have to say.  If you guys do speak to a woman that way.  Act accordingly when she smacks the dog shit out of you or curses you out.  Every action had a reaction. A woman feeling disrespected can make a woman see red.  All women don’t react the same depending on how confident they are with themselves.  Or if they like drama, they may cut you.  Just tread lightly if you want to disrespect a woman.  This word can also be used to describe yourself. As a confident remark. As in you’re the bomb! Or you’re that bitch. I’m the best. I look good.

(Queen Latifah – “U.N.I.T.Y.”)

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