I can see through people but not the ones I thought were my friends. Ive disowned many friendships in my past. When I was pregnant. Some people would laugh when I tried to confide in them. I don’t speak to them anymore. The audacity to tell me you’re here for me. Then in the same breath you laugh. I didn’t laugh at you when you got hoes pregnant an wondered if the baby even yours. What makes you any different? Just because you’re not pregnant by your man and think I can do better doesn’t give you the right to judge me. (I know I could do better) In case you didn’t know. My child. Was planned. I didn’t get knocked up. I’m not the “knocked up” type of girl. How is that for clarity bitch! I cannot respect people that judge, when you don’t know the story or believe what other people say. You can laugh, you can talk about me, that’s fine. But karma comes back around. So where y’all at now? Homeless, broke, struggling, sleeping in cars, mad because the baby isn’t yours. I despise people that think they’re better than you, looking from the outside in. Don’t play with me. Just because I’m quiet. Doesn’t mean I can’t air out all of your skeletons. Since I am a woman of GOD. I have learned to let him take over an do the work. You’re not worth my time. Be kind to people. You never know what they’re going through. You never know, you’ll end up in a worse predicament then theirs. Friends are supposed to be there for you no matter what. You’re supposed to tell them how you really feel but to disown them because of life events. I think that makes you a weak friend. Weak in general. Constructive criticism is welcome. But you’re not a real friend. You’re an associate. I use the word friend very loosely. I have to really fuck with you to call you a friend of mine. To be real I wouldn’t even want to consider you that if you act that way towards me about my life. You’re just another peasant and snake in the grass. Politely excuse yourself and have several seats. People like that are not real friends. Talk about you to their other friends then laugh about it some more. How would you feel if someone did that to you? I know you would be highly upset, ready to smack a bitch. People should learn to distinguish the definition of friend and associate. But, you also have to be the friend that you want. You cannot be a walking contradiction. Real friends will bail you out of jail an laugh about what happened. Real friends you can just show up at their house an they’ll ask you if you’re hungry. Real friends treat your kids as if they were theirs. Friends that you can look at each other and bust out laughing is a real friendship. Friends know what’s wrong by looking at you. Real friends know, fake friends don’t.

( TLC – “What About Your Friends”.)

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