State Aid

Food stamps and cash assistance were made to help the people who go without. Mainly its used for parents who are single parents and need help. Section 8 is usually for parents with children as well. I know some people wait almost 10 years to get section 8. So, my problem with these lovely aids to help people is they are being abused. People lie on applications and the people that could really use the help cannot get the help because of you lying asses. I understand that we all have families to take care of and children to feed. But what about us that can’t get the food stamps and are struggling to make ends meet? What about the people that can barely pay their rent and aren’t getting any child support? What about the ones that get child support, but it isn’t enough? I cannot be upset with the people that are getting these benefits. I feel like the people that work for the state should look more into these people. Just like they’re all up in your business when you want housing and section 8. They ask you for your account number and what type of accounts you have. I know there are so many people that get all of these things so it may be hard to keep track. You must be dirt poor to get any kind of help. I think this could be a reason why North America is the richest country and the country with the poorest/most homeless people. Yes, I know some homeless people are usually drug addicts and drunks. But if there were more affordable places to get the help that they need would there be less homeless people? Some addicts relapse and I am aware of this. People don’t want to help people once they have helped them so much and they just revert to what they were doing before. What about us that work every damn day and pay our taxes. Where do our taxes go? To feed and clothe a rapist and a murderer on death row and in high maximum-security prison. To fix the holes in the roads the snow plows fucked up. I pay taxes, so my tax money goes to all of these state assistant programs? But, I don’t get any help. You have to work a part time job to be eligible to get any of these things or you must have 3 to 5 kids. Personally I think it’s unfair to the people that really need it. I know a few people who work fulltime with a few kids an get about $100 a month in food stamps. You think that’s enough? Including rent, electricity, phone, cable, clothes, shoes, transportation, diapers, formula, babysitter. $100 can be enough for 1 week for a family of 4 or 5, maybe. I just can’t. With so much more things going on in the world like cops killing random black boys and men. I feel they care more about controlling the money then helping others. It does upset me that some people go without. So I do like to donate food during the holidays to local drives. You don’t have to give a lot to give back. I think it’s important to help when you can and it will also make you feel good to help.

(Lil Duval – “Smile”.)

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