When They See Us

Who are they? The white people? The Hispanic people? The black people? When they see us, they automatically stereotype us if a crime happened in the vicinity, we’re in… The police, THEY. Sometimes minorities cannot walk down the street to get a soda without being harassed by the cops. Watching “WHEN THEY SEE US” by Ava DuVernay is…. Heart-wrenching. It’s a limited series on Netflix about the central park 5. By the second episode I was in tears. The fact that there was evidence and it was not from any of the boys. They picked these 5 out of 30 to 40 boys. But they still convicted them because they taunted them and made them believe the story, they told them. How, where, who, it happened. Made these boys lie and lied to them so they could get a deal. They never got a deal. They spent 6 to 14 years of their lives in jail. For inconclusive evidence and for being coerced to lie about what happened and what they saw. This is just despicable. I feel bad for these now men. They were robbed of their childhood. I don’t think 40 million dollars is enough. The other 52 million dollars for extra damages still isn’t enough to me. They ruined these kids lives. Had to register as sex offenders and felons when they got out. As you know, it’s hard to find a job with that background. You can’t put a price on ruining someone’s life let alone 5 lives. These people should be ashamed of themselves. They’re supposed to protect the people. Instead they rather lock us up for things we didn’t do whether we did it or not! When is it going to end!? So much for the american dream, home of the brave and land of the free. But you think it’s okay to put kids in jail when they said they didn’t do it. Y’all are some assholes. Ignorant assholes. So it’s okay for us to be quiet and follow directions and you still shoot us. But it’s not okay to tell you that we didn’t do something and you still lock us up, beat us, make us feel unsafe when you’re supposed to protect us. What’s the point? Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. But the lack of knowledge by the counsel. They didn’t care about the evidence. They cared about the story they made up. They needed to make it believable. There are too many stories like this. The DA is so quick to make a deal so the people can plead guilty. This Linda Fairstein was so adamant about these boys doing it when she saw them. She was even writing books about true crime while they were in jail. Said Reyes was just the other rapist. Some of these people that work for the justice system I feel, are blinded. Blinded by the crime and the paycheck. Just convict whoever they question first. Making the detectives speak to these minors without their parents. Knowing damn well they don’t know how things are supposed to go because they’re so young! I wonder how these assholes feel today since the series came out. I hope they feel stupid among other things. I hope the president does too. Wanted to execute these boys when they were innocent. You people voted for this asshole. This is what you want for our country? Someone more worried about getting rid of people and the Mexican border? But not worried about our people. This is what you want for America? I know I don’t. He’s another blinded ignorant asshole.

Thank you Ava DuVernay for sharing this story and all of your other stories that folks are unaware about. You’re one creative human being and your craft is extraordinary. People like you make me proud to be who I am.

(Childish Gambino – “This Is America”.)

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