Bullies Harassing

Harassment can come in different forms. This behavior can make people feel uncomfortable or upset. I think it is also a form of bullying. People can be harassed for many different things. I feel like the people that harass people are bored, cruel, and plain old stupid. Sometimes you must tread lightly with what you do to people. They may commit suicide or come right back at you even harder. Then you will meet your match and you’ll be apologetic. For what though? For not thinking before you act. That’s your own fault if you get your ass beat. It is also your fault if you push someone far enough to the point where they want to hurt themselves. I’ve been harassed many times by jealous girls because I would be with a guy that they want and other reasons I’m not sure of. Most of the time these people know nothing about me but swear they know everything. I have a friend that is being harassed about a guy she isn’t with anymore and they swear she’s a black girl that bleached her skin. She’s Puerto Rican and light skinned by the way. It just goes to show you that people talk shit without knowing the facts. I think if you want to talk shit to someone you should be able to take it right back. But also know the facts before you look stupid in these streets. Its hilarious when people think they be knowing when they really don’t. Its also funny to me when people think they won but they really lost. For the fact that you took all that time out of your day to try to make someone feel a certain way just makes me feel like I’m that much more important. You must be miserable. I’m not sorry. You are the reason your life is the way it is. Doesn’t mean you bring people down with you. Cleary because you have nothing better to do than harass someone. I mean, I didn’t know other people’s lives were such a bother with your life when they’re living my best life minding their business. But some people aren’t this strong. Some don’t know their strengths until they’re tested. Like times like this can really break someone that has been going through things and it will take just one more thing to set them over the edge or snap. What type of person did you mother raise for you to be so hatful and ill-mannered? Would your mother be proud of that? Would you be proud of your child doing that to someone for no reason? Do you want to be that parent picking up your child from jail because they did something to someone but had no explanation why? I know I don’t. If you know better, you do better. People are going to do what they want to do regardless. I’m not here to talk people out of doing what they do or believe in. But don’t be mad when you meet your match and you get that ass beat for those loose lips. Karma is a bitch and it comes when you least expect it. Mkay sis!

(Nas – “What Goes Around”.)

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