How does someone feel confident in a world full of judgmental, rude, ignorant, petty assholes? How does someone proceed in a weight loss journey or enjoy the foods they like with people around them are constantly telling them how fat, chubby, or skinny they are? For some people they can’t win either way. Either they’re too skinny or too fat in my world. For some people it can make them go harder. For some, it can tear them down. It can make them depressed and want to crawl into a hole. I say this to say… If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. Things like this can push somewhere over the edge. Not even knowing they’re there yet. For me, I’m tired of hearing it. When I spazz, yell or curse you out. Don’t be sorry then. You should have thought twice about your comment. What you say about other people reflects you. I don’t want to look like the girl society wants me to look like or the person that America wants me to look like. All women are shaped differently that’s why we are amazing humans. I just want to be me. I like chili curly fries with ketchup. I like hot wings with ranch dressing. I like rice and beans. I like cinnamon rolls. I like potato au gratin. I like sour patch kids. I like cape cod salt and vinegar chips. I like cheese puffs. I recently started to indulge in chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies (crunchy not chewy). I like a good crunch. I also like pistachios, pecans, cashews and kind bars. I like broccoli and zucchini. How you look doesn’t define the person inside. Its hard to lose baby weight after you have a child. Your body changes. Its hard to lose weight after you’ve eaten crap your whole life and you feel food helps you cope. Its hard to gain weight when you have bulimia or anorexia. People don’t know the struggle to gain or lose weight. It’s a process, you must be dedicated. Can someone tell me when a woman is thick verses fat. Or chubby verses fat. You can’t. It depends on so many certain things and everyone has a different opinion on this topic. I think people should start to worry more about themselves verses putting their negative energy into the world. Putting people down makes you feel better? Are you deflecting from what’s going on in your life? Frankly people should just mind their own damn business. Keep their comments to themselves and live their life. Maybe they’ll be a lot happier. You know misery loves company. But some people are just nasty, it’s just naturally in their nature to be mean asshole. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I also think people should treat people how they want to be treated. Period.

(TLC – “Unpretty”).
(J. Cole – “Crooked Smile”).

(Cyn Santana – “Real Life”).

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