What is good parenting? Is good parenting beating your kids or giving them what they want when they want it? Is it structure? If you beat them, they can be scarred for life. If you give them what they want they’ll be spoiled brats and act entitled to everything. I’m not sure what good parenting is. All I know is how I was raised so that’s how I’ll raise my kid because that’s all I know. That’s what I’ve seen first had. So, who gives anyone the right to say anyone isn’t a good parent? I can see if they’re an absent parent. Or fighting other people in front of their kids. You must be a good example for your kids. They don’t have anyone else to look up to in the beginning of their lives except the parents. Everyone parents differently. I may not give my child a lollipop even though she’s screaming and crying because she hasn’t eaten breakfast or dinner yet. I wont just give it to her to shut her up. She must understand the word NO and you don’t get anything when you act like that. I want to teach my child everything my mother instilled in me. I don’t think I’m a bad parent. I don’t know everything, nobody does. I went into this blind and now a single mother doing what I can. I am my worst critic when it comes to certain things. Parenting is one of them. I used to think if I don’t give her what she wants she’s going to resent me. But I know eventually she will understand and get over it. If you can’t tell by now. I’m not a softy or a girly girl. I just real raw and straight to the point. If you don’t like it, I really don’t care. But with my child I feel like I need to be gentler. I feel I have a girly girl on my hands, and I don’t know what I’m doing. My baby likes pink and tutus then twirls in a circle on her toes. I know nothing about makeup or ballet. I don’t like pink. I guess we’re just going to have to learn together. I think it’ll be fun as she gets older, we can learn together. It can make our bond stronger. I’m all she’s got. I cannot fuck this up. Being a single mother is a struggle sometimes. Yes, it was my choice to be by myself and leave the situation. But no it was not my choice to provide alone. Not saying that I need that sorry ass excuse of a sperm. But I pat myself on the back for holding it down and not giving up. My mother always taught me that I must be strong even in the most trying times and never let them see you sweat. So for all the single mothers struggling in trying times. Take a deep breath. Take a step back. Check yourself boo. You got this. You’ve been doing this.

(Marvin Sapp – “Never Would Have Made It”.)

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