Food Verses Toddler

There is a thin line between what a toddler wants to eat verses what a toddler needs to eat. Of course, every kid loves candy and hates string beans. But I feel you must incorporate the good things with the sweet things. I myself have a picky eater and have struggled tremendously. Reading articles from professionals to working moms to single moms. Nothing really seems to work for me. So, I have realized my toddler will eat what she needs when she’s ready. But if I put a little on her plate at a time them possibly, sooner or later she will eat it. Not saying I am going to give my child sugar in the morning just so she can put something in her stomach. We must compromise. My 2-year-old isn’t talking to me in full blown sentences yet. But she’s just like her mama. She knows what she wants. I am not here to tell anyone how to parent or what to feed their children. This is just my opinion. I do not think you should feed your child processed muffins first thing in the morning with a glass of milk. I think you should wake up their stomach like you wake them up. “Good morning baby girl. Ready to have a great and blessed day.” To me that doesn’t mean sugar that will drag them down and make them sleepy. That means to me, a banana or cheerios. Not muffins or a donut and a coolata. My mother always told me to wake up your stomach with something light. Something that will give you energy without crashing. Something to help you fully wake up like that first cup of joe.

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