Spirit Stealing

Have you ever been in a relationship so long you feel like it’s being forced. Staying together because it’s all that you know. You don’t want to be alone. Or someone telling you, you can’t leave. To me. That’s stealing your spirit. Someone not letting you be your true you. Being clouded by someone else’s spirit. Having clouded judgements. Someone interrupting your path. How can someone not “LET” you be your true you? When in “love” your decision making is clouded at times. For example, paying and taking care of a man isn’t normal. A “man” is supposed to provide. That’s usually why men get paid more at certain workplaces. A woman is supposed to nurture. A woman can provide but she is not to fully provide. Now, if he’s a deadbeat, a bum, or lazy, then that’s another story. (Blog coming soon.) You may not say certain things because you know it will trigger something. Or it may tick them off. You also may be blinded by love. You get sucked in. By the D/pus. By the money. But, what can someone do for you that you cannot do for yourself? My theory is… Make yourself happy in order to make someone else happy. What someone may do for you, I feel you should be able to do it for yourself. If someone can make you feel good mentally. I feel it’s no good if you can’t do it for yourself. If that person leaves you then what? Are you back to being sad and beating yourself up. I’ve had to learn a hard lesson. I don’t like people telling me what to do. I rather experience things myself. Then say. OH! I see what you mean. Why? How will you learn from mistakes if you don’t make them. After the hard lesson I have learned. The time I took to myself helped me find myself. Tried meditation. Did some soul searching. Reading self help books. Going for walks. Exercising. Did things I liked verses someone else. Answering to nobody. Just doing me. Working on ME constantly. Having a new outlook on life helps me raise my child. Me being happy with myself, I can make my child happy. As we all know, children feed off of your energy. The people around you feel your energy too. You may have RBF. But if someone really knows you, they know. It’s a vibe. I say all of this to say. Don’t let anyone take your light. Steal your shine, your love, your pride, your dignity. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re less than. If you feel like anything may be off. Listen to your intuition. Leave!. Period. If you feel you cannot get out. Call 911 or get help. Toxic people and relationships aren’t any good for your spirit. You deserve way better. I vow to myself, I will never let anyone steal my spirit.

(“For Everybody” – Kash Doll.)

(“Te Botè” – Darrel, Casper Magico, Nio Garcia, Nicky Jam, Ozuna, Bad Bunny.)

(“Enough Of No Love” – Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne.)

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