Deadbeat. “Father?”

How does a man create a child but not help take care of them? Help provide? Help them ride a bike? Help them learn their ABC’s? Help them up when they fall down? Tell them it’s okay when they’re hurt? Help them understand right from wrong? Easy, they leave or get left! Some men think they don’t have to provide because mommy got it. Some also think they shouldn’t Help because they fucked up the relationship and don’t want to be around. That doesn’t mean they don’t want you around. It means they want you to help take care of the child you help create. Without trying to get back in the panties. That’s your own guilt. Can you admit that? Nobody wants to deal with a FUCKBOY when they don’t take care of their child. Well, I can only speak for myself. I also cannot understand when a mother asks for help. You don’t help. Or you say something like “what could you possibly need, you have everything.”Oh really? I didn’t know. That’s why I’m asking? Dumbass. Or say something like “I deal with multiple women because it’s exciting”. How old are you, 2? Okay, take your excited ass down to the court house and pay that child support hunny. But you make all the excuses in the book about how you fucked up with their mother. DUH ESTÚPIDO! In someone’s right mind wouldn’t that make you want to fix things so your child doesn’t resent you. Don’t tell the kid you fucked up with their mama. They’re going to start asking questions. Then you have to lie like you’ve been doing all of your life. Then who has to clean up your mess. Mommy! What happened between you and the mother doesn’t concern your child. Your child has to eat just like you. Your child has to wear shoes and clothes just like you chochito. Yes, I called you a pussy. Only vaginas act like little bitches, deny their child something they need and don’t take care of their responsibilities. Then expect everyone else to pick up their slack. So don’t get mad when your child doesn’t want nothing to do with you. They’re not missing out on anything anyway. It’s not like you were around. I mean. You don’t really exist. You’re a sperm donor. Us single mothers just got a freebie. CHECKMATE BITCH. How can you say you’re a father or a dad or anything of that sort. When you’re unavailable, absent, lacking, nonexistent, unwitting, unaware, insensible, asshole. What makes you think a mother would even want to be bothered with your irresponsibility. Yes, clearly there was something there before. But not anymore. Doesn’t mean a woman is bitter. She’s better. She’s more aware of the tendencies that she does not want in her life. She’s more aware of the consistency she needs for her and her child. She knows she needs to be smarter. Some woman are more vocal and passionate verses keeping quiet when they need help or an outlet. Doesn’t mean they’re weak or strong. Some woman are just tired of the bullshit. Some woman don’t need a man’s help. But some do. So this blog is for the ones that do. Take him to court! I could give 10,000 FUCKS what this fucktard is doing or fucking. What’s the point in caring and stressing myself out. I refuse to give that clout chaser any of my energy. In case you didn’t know. Your children feeds off of energy. Your child feels that energy. You don’t want your problems becoming your child’s problems. Next thing you know they’re messing up in school or acting out. The last thing I would want is my child to feel that negative energy and ruin her happy place. My baby is so happy. I feed off of her energy so guess what. Now I’m happy. The little things matter. If we’re all happy we can feel free. I haven’t heard anyone ever say they don’t want to be happy. So let’s be happy. I feel some people can relate to my stories so why not share them. This is my therapy. My Zen. Some people smoke, drink, paint. I write to cleanse my mind, body, and soul. A sense of release. A release from everything. To be happy. So, now that I’ve found my happy. I suggest if you’re upset at someone. You find yours too. Know that whoever this person is, they’re a disgrace and despicable. I will continue to pray for you..

Matthew 5:44.

(“You” – Keyshia Cole, Remy Ma & French Montana)

(“I Don’t” – Mariah Carey, YG)

(“Zero” – Keyshia Cole, Meek Mill)

(“Trust And Believe” – Keyshia Cole)

(“FairPlay”- Kiana Ledè)

(“Papa Was A Rolling Stone” – The Temptations)

(“Can’t Raise A Man” – K.Michelle)

(“Regret” – LeToya)

(“You Had Me, You Lost Me” – Eve)

(“Y.A.S.” – Trey Songz)

(“I Don’t Fuck With You” – Big Sean)

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