How does a woman not get a choice whether they take care of their child or not? In most cases. Most women are the sole providers in their child’s life. Why.? There are so many reasons why. But the real question should be. Why isn’t the person that helped create the child helping provide. Some boys make excuses and won’t take responsibility. Some thing it’s a game and it’ll go away on its own. I say boys because men take care of their responsibilities. If you’re obligated to show up somewhere that’s regarding your child. Why isn’t this important to you? Whether it’s a birthday or something that can potentially help your child. You not showing up makes you look weak. It helps people to think they’re right about you. All along. My friend with 4 kids has no help from the person that helped create those beautiful souls. Struggling day to day to keep shelter and put food on the table. While trying to finish a degree with screaming children in the background. Does that boy care. Nope! Why do you think any of them would. It’s not their lives. I think these boys have the wrong idea. I don’t think they understand what it’s like to be a single parent. It’s not about how that parent feels anymore after that child is born. It’s how they want their child to feel. When they want what’s owed to their child doesn’t make them bitter. It makes them smart. It cuts out the mess in between. It sucks that they have to get other people involved for their child to get what they need. These children eat and sleep just like you. We all breathe the same air. You are no better than that child or anyone for that matter. Especially when you don’t take responsibility and make excuses. I have tons of friends that have kids and are fighting in court to get help. Single mothers need help. That’s why mothers have to stick together. It doesn’t always have to be about money. Just support and an ear to listen. Watch the kids for an hour. Trust me, I’ve done it. Watching 4 kids from age 9 to a few months old. It was crazy. It’s a lot to deal with but if you’re willing to help a friend. Do it. What are friends for if we’re not going to help each other. If a woman abandoned her child like boys do. We would get so much more wrath from people than men do. Why? There’s always a double standard. Men can be promiscuous but women cannot. Men usually propose verses the woman. Or woman cannot be aggressive. Then they ask why did you have a baby with him? 1. Why don’t you mind your business. 2. Maybe there was a plan. 3. Why don’t you mind your business. Not one person can tell me or question me on my decisions. They’re mine. Why do you care? It’s not for you to understand. But understand, stupid questions get stupid answers. Also, if you want to act like that. Then fine. I’m not worried. But you should be, for that child. Who will begin to resent you. I don’t need your handout. I’m sure none of these other moms don’t either. Why? We are woman. Woman are built STRONG and FEARLESS. We were built to make things work regardless of the situation. We were built to keep our head up high to make our children proud of us even if we just worked a double shift. We still smile at our baby’s and love on them as if we just woke up. Also know this. GOD writes your story. You may have a plan. But he has the final word.

(Kanye West – “Gold Digger”)

(Summer Walker – “Something Real”)

(Nipsey Hussle – “Double Up“)

(Nipsey Hussle – “Hussle & Motivate”)

(Jhené Aiko – “Hello Ego”)

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