In everyday life you come across people that are either liars or truth tellers.  My question is, why lie?  Why start off things with a lie. If you start with a lie you must keep lying to keep up with that lie.  I can’t seem to understand the point. I understand some people lie to get what they want. Others lie because they’re just plain old liars. Some lie to try to get something or to get someone to like them.  There’s nothing more a woman wants than honesty and authenticity.  I do not know a woman that wants anyone to lie to them. I was always told if you want something just ask for it. Why do guys claim they don’t want sex but do?  What are they so afraid of? I’m sure they’ve been told no before. So, take the NO and move on. You can’t lead with “oh I just want to have fun.” What the hell does that mean? Elaborate. Speak in full sentences. What I hate most is a liar and a thief. If you steal, you’ll lie and if you’ll lie, you’ll steal. Simple logic. Maybe I shouldn’t say that because most men don’t think logically. They think with their little penis. New flash! Be blunt! Last thing a woman needs is a weak man that must lie to get what he wants.  Is that what your mother taught you? Respectfully, I’m sure she didn’t. As much as you want us to be honest. It’s a two-way street. If we can’t meet in the middle. There is no point in any communication or contact anymore. Thank you, Next.

(Mack Morrison – Return of the Mack)

(Ariana Grande – Thank u, Next)

(Lizzo – Truth Hurts)

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