I know this may be a sensitive subject for some people.  It may be a frustrating, aggravating.  It may make you angry.  I know I’m a little angry.  Let’s be real.  This virus that travel from China has been a mutha fucka on the U.S.  Everyone is freaking out.  Buying out the toilet paper, the bananas, the meat, the medicines, cough drops, the ramen noodles etc… So how are you going to pay your bills?  I know that some companies are not charging late fees.  But bills still need to be paid.  A lot of people are out of work.  Worried about their children and still paying for daycare must I ADD!  Worried about their older loved ones. Which I think is complete and utter bullshit.  But that’s neither here nor there.

The real issue is the president.  This person knew that this pandemic could affect us.  He did nothing about it.  Us American knew for months about this virus and this so called president did nothing but make excuses.  You are an ignorant asshole.  I know people have said things worse about you.  But I hope you don’t get re-elected for this bullshit you pulled. You’re affecting all American.  Basically leaving us out here as prey for the wolves.  You have no idea what you look like up at that podium.  But lets change gears.

This pandemic has affected me in the following ways.  I am out of work.  Since you haven’t made a decision on this pandemic! My place of work is putting us on furlough 2 weeks at a time because your simple ass cant make a decision. But my place of work wants to keep us safe because there are so many of us.  So at this point I feel like the head doctor at my office should be in your position in a sense.  You are just a despicable person to me.  I will pray for you.  I was always told “hate” was a very strong word growing up. My mother told me not to to use it.  Among other words I was unable to say.  But I will say it in this blog.  I don’t hate you because personally I don’t know you.  But you are a selfish asshole.  You knew this was coming and you didn’t act on it.  You’re blind to your title.  To me your just  another white privileged asshole that thinks you can do whatever.  NEWs FLASH! You’re not the only person that lives here in America ASSHOLE! 

Yes, I’m flustered.  I’m out of work for a while. Even though my workplace has thought of options to keep the employees a float.  YOU!  DIDN’T THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT COUNT ON YOU! Which is the United States, in case you haven’t recognized yet.  I’m convinced you are in cahoots with the Chinese people.  Even though you refer to this virus as the “Chinese Virus”. You probably helped them spread it because you don’t seem to be helping us. I am completely aware of “money makes the world go round”.  But if you wipe out the population there will be none of us to keep the money flowing.

Since you have known about this virus since December or November. Why did you deny the making of the test kits? What made you think that it wouldn’t come here. MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! What about us? Do you even care? How do you think Obama would have handled this. I’m sure not like this. You think will get you re-elected? I hope not.

(Big Sean – “I Don’t Fuck With You”)

(CeeLo – Fuck You)

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