Brown Skin

I was always told I was too light to hang with the black girls. But too dark to hang with the white girls. So then I would have to pick a side. Why would I have to pick if I wasn’t good enough for either side? Why cant I just be me without having to explain my race or being. If I talk proper, I’m acting white. If I speak slang, I’m acting ghetto. WHICH IS IT!? So I chose…. I chose me. I can’t stand how society makes us (black people) feel like we aren’t good enough. Yes, our people were slaves back then. But it’s a new day and age. Get with the program people. I know you watch tv. Black isn’t just a shade. It’s a way of life. It’s the way we walk, talk, sing, our swag and move effortlessly. It’s the look people give us when we walk into a room to see what we will do next. Black is EVERYTHING. To me at least. No matter the shade we always come through. Amanda Seales will tell you. “You see a black woman. You compliment her.” Not all of us have been told we’re beautiful or handsome. I wasn’t raised to see color so I am unsure why it is such a big thing now. Black has always been extraordinary. I hate that I have to explain to my child how society will not except her because the color of her skin. She’s only 3. Yes, I am thinking about this now because it’s a hard conversation. I don’t want to lie to my child. The last thing I need is for her to resent me. (Side note. Always tell your children the truth no matter how much it will hurt them. They will respect you more. Cowards lie.) But why is this so hard to see us for who we are? I feel this is something that starts at home. You are taught things at home first before you act a fool in the streets, school, social media and work. So how would you feel if you were targeted everyday because the color of your skin? I would love to hear the answer to this question. I’m sure you wouldn’t have the same attitude about things you do now. Funny if the tables were turned you wouldn’t be able to handle half of the things we go through. So yes, we are always on defense. Don’t ask why, try to understand. Being black isn’t just the way we look. It’s a movement. I would like to see black people come together without fighting. We all have the same enemy. There are strength in numbers. We as people of these skin colors have to recognize. We have to tell ourselves we love us. For who we are. No matter what other people say. Who cares what they say. They don’t pay our bills. But sometimes the enemy can be ourselves. For putting ourselves down, listening to society. We are beautiful. Light, dark, brown and anywhere in between.

(Faith In These Brownskins – Bianca)

(Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown) – Remy Ma, Chris Brown)

(In Real Life – Cyn Santana)

(Sue Me – Wale Ft. Kelly Price)

(You Be Killin Em – Fabolous)

(Light – Big Sean, Jeremih)

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