When you were younger, did anyone ever tell you to love yourself?  Me personally, no.  I was always taught to have my own shit.  I was taught to always be prepared.  Which my mother says is the key to life.  I don’t ever remember her telling me to love myself.  She would tell me to put GOD first.  But not to love myself.  But self-love isn’t what you say.  It’s what you do.  It’s not going to get your nails done.  It’s not going to buy the latest outfit.  It’s not buying a new car.  Its not feeling pretty or handsome.  You can be the prettiest girl in the world the the nastiest attitude.  Then hate yourself because you want to keep up an image the you can’t even keep up with.  Don’t exude that type of energy if you cannot maintain it.   That’s just doing things for yourself.  Which you should.  But to me, self-love is loving yourself flaws and all.  Those dark circles around your eyes that look like shadow.  That birthmark on your face that people think is a nasty mole.   To me, black is beautiful.  Now, black being beautiful no matter the shade I was told at a young age.  To give us black woman credit for some may have been handed to is a blessing in itself. Self-love is saying I am enough.  Self-love is getting up in the morning after you’ve felt like the world was ending.  Self-love isn’t just putting yourself first.  It’s a movement. Its consistency. If you love yourself enough then maybe you can allow someone else to love you too.  Self-love is taking that walk in the park to clear your mind.  Loving yourself enough to know that whatever you put your mind to you can do it.  Of course, we all doubt ourselves at times. We’re human. Aren’t we aloud to feel? Insecure about things that others say we cannot do. So, we get discouraged. Blocking those people out, to me, is loving yourself. Be happy with the skin you’re in and love every curve of you. Beauty is only skin deep.  But if you love yourself that is the beauty. 

(Jhene Aiko – B.S. (Feat H.E.R.))

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