The definition of unreasonable is not guided or based on good sense.  Now we all know that most men don’t have good sense.  Or should I say boys.  I think the most unreasonable thing a person can do is lie to their child.  Especially when they will either find out the truth now or later.  Once you make up a lie you have to keep lying to cover that first lie.  But why lie to your child.  To hurt them?  Like you said you would never hurt their mother but you aren’t with them anymore.  I wonder why.  Maybe because you were unreasonable and selfish.  I know its hard to men to face the truth.  Let’s be real, the truth hurts. No one like the truth thrown in their face.  No one like what they didn’t do for someone or their lie thrown right back at them either.  To me, those are weak individuals.  If you can dish it you should be able to take it.  Don’t go running your mouth with your boys about your baby mother.  Then think its okay to talk to her any way you feel like it.  Only because you pay child support.  That little bit of child support I can wipe my baby ass with and that’s about it. Don’t act like the child support order is so much money like these single mothers are out here just living the dream.  A lot of mothers don’t get a dime!  So think twice about what you say about your baby mothers.  They pull the most weight after you fuck up.  It’s comical to me how these boys think for one second that what they say isn’t belittling themselves as well.  NEWS FLASH! You used to deal with them.  Clearly there was some sort of chemistry there.  What you say about other people reflects your character. Think twice before you speak ill of your child’s mother.  You know the mother usually wins.  Also, think about who will have to take care of this child if you try to make things bad for the mother.  YOU, STUPID! Think! Use your head.  The one up top with your so called pony tail or waves or fresh line up. I’m sure you don’t want to take one that burden.  I mean damn,  you complain about that little child support you have to pay now.  You’ll be BIG mad if you had to take full responsibility.  Isn’t it funny though how these boys will talk.  Then ask you for something from you or try to get you back.  Then make it seem to their new situation that it was all you or only because you wanna see your child.  What a crock of shit!  You’re so naïve for believing him too.  This is clearly a comedy skit.

(Blaque – As If)

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