Boy, BYE!

Serious question. I’m in my 30s. Forget I even have a 3 year old little girl. How the fuck do you think it’s okay to try to Holla. When you still in the streets!? Slinging whatever. Thinking it’s attractive. Especially when you know that us as woman have standards and responsibilities. Please elaborate of what you’re thinking. Logically, think… When you approach a woman what will you tell her? Seriously. Will you tell her the truth or will you lie to her? I want someone, preferably of the male species. To answer this for me. I am baffled at this topic because this seems to be all I attract. I don’t care about the fast life or your money. I am aware that other woman are attracted to this life. But I, am not. I could care less what you have in your bank account. Also, I will add that most people that live this life don’t have bank accounts. Why, they don’t trust the bank or uncle Sam. So, they don’t have anything in their name. It’s in some randoms name, same with their car. Listen up! You’re not legit my dude. Being legit, to me means having your own shit! My grandma always told me “have your own shit and then some.” So, when you get jammed up. Where will your boys get the money from to bail you out. Most of you idiots carry all the cash on you to show off. Why? It may be intimidating to the next man. But to a grown ass woman. You look dumb. You look stupid posting anything. You’re super hotbox. You look dumb with that designer on because you didn’t get it from hard work and dedication so it looks cheap. I would also like to know why woman are attracted to this type of money. I’ll wait for you ladies to answer? You bitches are just as cheap as them. Let’s be real. Just looking for a come up and when they go to jail you’ll be with the next dude and sold to the highest bidder. So please tell me what is the point. You must like wasting your time. Personally, I don’t. I need someone with substance. Someone that exudes dope energy and can maintain it. Why can he maintain it. He went to school an graduated with a bachelors degree or some type of degree! That’s why he can maintain this energy. This is called hard work and dedication to me. My educated black brother. Hustling is the easy way out. This is where black people end up in jail and killing their own people. WAKE UP. OPEN YOUR EYES! You are the problem. This is one of the reasons black men and woman are targeted by police. Why do you need to show up with different cars. That’s even more suspicious. At least make it seem like you’re a regular dude with a hoopty just trying to get through the day. NOOOOOO you must show off. Is it because of all of our ancestors not having things because of slavery? All the years of oppression. Do you even know what juneteenth is? But, you wanna show them you made it? When you end up in jail is that showing them? It’s like slavery all over again when you end up there. At least you get a meal a bed and you’re warm this time. That’s the only difference. You’re just a slave to the system now. The guards and corrections officers are your owners now. They just didn’t buy you off the street. All they did was abolish slavery then slapped down a law. Read that sentence again. They tell you when to eat, they tell you when to sleep, shower and shit. Now tell me what this looks like to you. What was the point in Harriet Tubman leading our people through the underground railroad to free us. If yall don’t want to be free.

(TLC – No Scrubs)

(Shyne – Bad Boyz)

(Imma Do It – Fabolous)

(Chuck Norris- Troy Ave)

(Clout – Offset ft Cardi B)

(B.M.F. – Rick Ross)

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