Dating a Single Mom

If you’ve read my previous blogs, Heeeeeeey. If you’re new to my blog. Welcome.  Welcome to the fuckery of motherhood, life, common sense isn’t so common, and ignorance….  How should I start this? How do I say this without sounding mean or like a bitch.

With any relationship there are boundaries, and respect just to name a few. When a woman is a single mother. Those things are intensified by 20. You cannot. I repeat, cannot. Be another one of her children. Although you may not think you act as such. Trust me, you do. Even if you aren’t in a relationship yet. Even if you just met and are speaking about things you want blah blah blah. You cannot expect her to drop every and anything if you’re dating. You cannot speak to her in any specific tone of voice like you’re her father. You cannot have needs. You need to check your shit at the door. Most likely this woman has been through all of those things before. When you’re interested in a single mother. You need to understand that woman’s child comes first. If you fail to understand that then you need to find someone else’s time to waste. You cannot tell me you understand this after I call you out on this. Especially when a single mother always puts this on the table first. Our children are nothing to hide. We can’t hide them. They are apart of us and they have made us stronger than ever. It has nothing to do with past relationships or the other people that were in our lives prior. When we became a mother our lives changed. We don’t want to make you dinner while our child is crying in the other room for attention. Make your own damn food. Order out, it’s a few clicks away. Don’t be needy. Also, check your emotions at the door. I’m not going to be dealing with you with a mad face because I didn’t answer the phone. Again, my child comes first!. What don’t you get? That doesn’t mean call earlier in the morning. That’s just going to piss me off because if you wake me up. Most likely you’re going to wake my child up. Are you dumb? I’m not understanding what you don’t understand. Do not call earlier and think the baby is sleep. I’m sorry but I’m just not that type of woman that needs a man. Some people are serial daters. I’m not knocking you. Go girl, get what you need. But you never know. That might not be what you need. Just saying. You may need to be alone for a while and find yourself so you understand the demeanor of a fuckboy. Your fuckboy radar will beep so fast. Fuckboys come in all shapes. From sweet first date with roses to first date at Wendy’s. Find your happy within you so a real man can appreciate a mother with children. Not saying money is everything. But it helps because you’re going to end up paying for everything after the first few dates. Next thing you know he’s in your house playing with your kids. Personally I don’t want many men meeting my child. Anyway, what you boys fail to understand. The world doesn’t revolve around you and what you need or what you want. Don’t be a narcissist and try to get in a single moms pants because you swear she has money. NEWS FLASH! All boys don’t pay child support and all single mothers do not get state assistance. We work hard to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. You don’t think this is hard enough on us. Stop thinking about yourself and acting like a little bitch when you don’t get what you want. What about what we want. I’ll settle for a “How are you doing, really?” Then you guys wonder why we act this way. We act accordingly. Woman exude, strong. You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I do! You can tell when a man is weak and when he is strong. Same goes for a woman. Woman have woman’s intuition. Not saying we’re telepathic. But it’s a vibe. But you need to find that within yourself. You need to explore within. BY YOURSELF. (Refer to my previous blog Spirit Stealing.)

(Savage – Megan Thee Stallion)

(B.S. – Jhené Aiko)

(Mad at Me – Kiana Lede)

(Crazy – Kiana Lede)

(No Lames – Kash Doll Ft. Summer Walker)

(Girls Need Love – Summer Walker ft. Drake)

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