I know this is a tough time for some people. But we must speak out loud about this. There is not enough equality in the United States. I am not just talking about the color of our skin. I am speaking about gender as well. Land of the free, home of the brave? Who ever […]


Dating a Single Mom

If you’ve read my previous blogs, Heeeeeeey. If you’re new to my blog. Welcome.  Welcome to the fuckery of motherhood, life, common sense isn’t so common, and ignorance….  How should I start this? How do I say this without sounding mean or like a bitch. With any relationship there are boundaries, and respect just to […]

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Boy, BYE!

Serious question. I’m in my 30s. Forget I even have a 3 year old little girl. How the fuck do you think it’s okay to try to Holla. When you still in the streets!? Slinging whatever. Thinking it’s attractive. Especially when you know that us as woman have standards and responsibilities. Please elaborate of what […]

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When you were younger, did anyone ever tell you to love yourself?  Me personally, no.  I was always taught to have my own shit.  I was taught to always be prepared.  Which my mother says is the key to life.  I don’t ever remember her telling me to love myself.  She would tell me to […]

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Brown Skin

I was always told I was too light to hang with the black girls. But too dark to hang with the white girls. So then I would have to pick a side. Why would I have to pick if I wasn’t good enough for either side? Why cant I just be me without having to […]

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The definition of unreasonable is not guided or based on good sense.  Now we all know that most men don’t have good sense.  Or should I say boys.  I think the most unreasonable thing a person can do is lie to their child.  Especially when they will either find out the truth now or later.  […]

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I know this may be a sensitive subject for some people.  It may be a frustrating, aggravating.  It may make you angry.  I know I’m a little angry.  Let’s be real.  This virus that travel from China has been a mutha fucka on the U.S.  Everyone is freaking out.  Buying out the toilet paper, the […]

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In everyday life you come across people that are either liars or truth tellers.  My question is, why lie?  Why start off things with a lie. If you start with a lie you must keep lying to keep up with that lie.  I can’t seem to understand the point. I understand some people lie to […]

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How do kids grow crushes at a young age?  It’s usually because they spend time together.  How do adults grow crushes?  By looks and reputation. What they wear and how they wear it.  Have you ever thought of someone only liking you because of the way you look and not by the person that you […]

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Watch Your Tone

I have been struggling with something lately and clearly need to check myself. Some of you may know. I have a 3 year old. There’s a thing called the “terrible threes”. Not that my child is terrible. She’s just rowdy at times. She’s rough, she stands on her head and flips. Any mom would be […]

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