Arms Length

Is my blackness too black for you? I’m light skinned. While in school I was either too black to hang with the white kids. Or too light to hang with the black kids. So the black kids would bully me. I’m not the average black girl. Light skin, long hair. I looked foreign to the […]

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How does a woman not get a choice whether they take care of their child or not? In most cases. Most women are the sole providers in their child’s life. Why.? There are so many reasons why. But the real question should be. Why isn’t the person that helped create the child helping provide. Some […]

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To Whom It May Concern

If you’ve read my previous blogs. You may have an idea about me. I’m unapologetically unbothered by stupidity and narcissistic people. I also have a low tolerance for disrespect. So when I write a blog and you feel guilty. That’s your own guilt. If you feel annamosity that’s your own feelings. If you feel hurt, […]

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Deadbeat. “Father?”

How does a man create a child but not help take care of them? Help provide? Help them ride a bike? Help them learn their ABC’s? Help them up when they fall down? Tell them it’s okay when they’re hurt? Help them understand right from wrong? Easy, they leave or get left! Some men think […]

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Spirit Stealing

Have you ever been in a relationship so long you feel like it’s being forced. Staying together because it’s all that you know. You don’t want to be alone. Or someone telling you, you can’t leave. To me. That’s stealing your spirit. Someone not letting you be your true you. Being clouded by someone else’s […]

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Good Enough

Sometimes I feel like I may not be good enough. Good enough to love again. A good enough mom to my child. A good enough sister, daughter or friend. But there are some things that are validating. Seeing my child smile and run to me when I walk in the door. Seeing my family laugh […]

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Food Verses Toddler

There is a thin line between what a toddler wants to eat verses what a toddler needs to eat. Of course, every kid loves candy and hates string beans. But I feel you must incorporate the good things with the sweet things. I myself have a picky eater and have struggled tremendously. Reading articles from […]

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The definition of a fuckboy in the urban dictionary is an asshole boy who is into strictly sexual relationships; he will lead a girl on and let her down, then apologize only to ask for “pics” once the girl has welcomed him back into her trust. Boys like this will pretend to genuinely care about […]

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What is good parenting? Is good parenting beating your kids or giving them what they want when they want it? Is it structure? If you beat them, they can be scarred for life. If you give them what they want they’ll be spoiled brats and act entitled to everything. I’m not sure what good parenting […]

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