How does someone feel confident in a world full of judgmental, rude, ignorant, petty assholes? How does someone proceed in a weight loss journey or enjoy the foods they like with people around them are constantly telling them how fat, chubby, or skinny they are? For some people they can’t win either way. Either they’re […]

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Bullies Harassing

Harassment can come in different forms. This behavior can make people feel uncomfortable or upset. I think it is also a form of bullying. People can be harassed for many different things. I feel like the people that harass people are bored, cruel, and plain old stupid. Sometimes you must tread lightly with what you […]

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When They See Us

Who are they? The white people? The Hispanic people? The black people? When they see us, they automatically stereotype us if a crime happened in the vicinity, we’re in… The police, THEY. Sometimes minorities cannot walk down the street to get a soda without being harassed by the cops. Watching “WHEN THEY SEE US” by […]

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Dead Weight

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Are you happy with what you see? I recently decided to lose some weight. Some people around me tell me that I don’t need to lose anything and that I’m fine. Telling me I haven’t found the right person to love me, for […]

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State Aid

Food stamps and cash assistance were made to help the people who go without. Mainly its used for parents who are single parents and need help. Section 8 is usually for parents with children as well. I know some people wait almost 10 years to get section 8. So, my problem with these lovely aids […]

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I can see through people but not the ones I thought were my friends. Ive disowned many friendships in my past. When I was pregnant. Some people would laugh when I tried to confide in them. I don’t speak to them anymore. The audacity to tell me you’re here for me. Then in the same […]

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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is a normal and healthy emotion. I’m sure it doesn’t feel healthy or normal. Anxiety can be built up from emotions and events. I developed anxiety when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was anxious about everything. Even something as simple as going to work and seeing so many people. I ‘m not […]

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The B Word

The word Bitch means female dog or expressing displeasure.  I used to not use the B word for a while because I was seeing it used in a derogatory way.  Especially when a guy doesn’t get what they want.  I have been called a bitch when I didn’t want to give a guy my number […]

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Fairy Tales

We all have a theory on how we will find love, get married and have kids. But it doesn’t always work out that way. I’ve heard this saying “If you want to hear GOD laugh, just tell him what you have planned.” I’ve heard so many stories of girls planning their weddings since they were […]

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I was watching my ratchet tv as usual on a Monday. As I am watching Love & Hip-Hop, I hear Spice say she wanted to change her complexion to have lighter skin. She seems to think black people with lighter skin are privileged. Changing the color of your skin will not change the fact that […]

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